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Air to air heat exchangers are mechanical ventilation systems that can help prevent exposure to harmful fumes and gases that are often a result of industrial and chemical processes. They can also be used to help reduce humidity levels in the air, thus removing a major cause of mold, mildew and corrosive damage to a building system. Read More…

Air to Air Heat Exchangers Air to air heat exchangers are those heat exchangers that work with the process of heating, cooling or otherwise refreshing the air within a space. Industries such as commercial, residential, food processing and manufacturing use air to air heat exchangers or water to air heat exchangers to help control the conditions of interior air. Incoming air can be heated or cooled depending on the seasons and environment, and on the desired interior atmosphere.
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Coon Valley, WI  |  608-452-3103

IHT is an ASME/PED MILSPEC qualified custom manufactuer of continuous plate fin and tube based heat transfer solutions. Our continuous fins give you the highest performance to coil face area ratio allowing for smaller units with faster ROI.

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Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. $$$

McDonough, GA  |  800-780-3776

Heat-Exchanger USA has over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing shell and tube heat exchangers. All of our heat exchangers are backed by top-notch technical expertise, and we work with you to understand your needs.

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Medford, WI  |  715-748-5888

Enerquip LLC is a leading provider of heating and cooling solutions, primarily through manufacturing custom and standard shell & tube heat exchangers for a wide range of industries.

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Enerquip, LLC $$$

Decatur, IL  |  217-422-2770

Mason Manufacturing is a custom fabricator of shell and tube heat exchangers, ASME pressure vessels, columns, and tanks.

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Mason Manufacturing LLC $$$

Delaware, OH  |  614-321-3342

Onda provides products and services with an elevated quality standard, at a very competitive price level. Onda is continuously acting in order to satisfy the requirements of suppliers, customers and employees. Onda heat exchangers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the main international directives for pressure vessels, like PED, ASME, TEMA et al. On request, Onda can provide its products qualified by the main international societies for naval classification (RINA, DNV-GL, ABS, BVM, LRS, etc.).

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Onda USA LLC $$$

Milwaukee, WI  |  800-488-0230

Anguil designs, manufactures, installs and services heat and energy recovery systems for industrial applications and manufacturing operations. By utilizing waste heat from energy consuming processes, Anguil heat exchanger technologies reduce a company’s operating costs, lower their carbon footprint and lessen their energy consumption. Our track record includes the ability to blend time-tested, standard products with innovative, custom engineered solutions.

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Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. $$$
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A plate heat exchanger works by moving the already heated air on one side of the exchanger plate or barrier, and moving the cooler air, or incoming air on the other side of the plate. Heat from the outgoing air is transferred through the plate to the cooler air where it is absorbed. Therefore, exhaust air is released in a cooler state as some heat has been transferred, and the air coming in enters warmed.

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Air to air heat exchangers are available in many sizes and constructions, and can be used in bathrooms, living rooms, hotels and offices, shopping centers and factories etc.

Recent trends toward tightly built homes and buildings have seen energy loss and expenditure reduced, but also can create an unhealthy stuffiness within a building if the air is never recirculated. It is important to refresh the air within an enclosed space, and air to air heat exchangers help in this process, while still conserving energy. In fact, a large portion of the energy of outgoing air can be used to process and heat the incoming air, thus saving up to 80% of energy in the exchange.

In industrial situations, air to air heat exchangers are used in the process of waste heat recovery. The waste heat given off as a result of manufacturing or chemical processes can be redirected to use to heat incoming air to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. In air to air heat exchangers, the two sources of air are typically separated and do not come into contact with each other, making this an ideal process for an industrial or chemical manufacturing situation where the waste air may contain fumes or toxins.

Heat exchangers can also prevent the contamination of interior air from outdoor particles and elements through the use of sleeves or grills and filters. The energy savings by using heat from an already existing source will add up considerably over time.

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