Heat Transfer Equipments

When selecting the proper type of heat transfer equipment for an application there are several factors that should be considered. Temperature range, thermal performance, fluid flow capacity, high/low pressure limits are all important variables to take into account. Read More...

Heat Transfer Equipment Heat transfer equipment are devices that are utilized for transfer heat from one medium to another medium. There are several types of heat transfer equipment each with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

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Heat Transfer Equipment
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Another aspect to analyze is to determine possible need for future expansion of additional heat transfer equipment. Different types of heat transfer systems require particular types of maintenance to efficiently operate and the layout configuration as well as the materials determine what type of maintenance will be required.

Heat transfer equipment are used in a number of different industrial settings for many industrial applications. These industries include waste water treatment, refrigeration, petroleum refining and many more. These products can be designed for air-to-air heat exchangers, water-to-air, water-to-water, oil cooling, flat plate heat transfer, waste heat recovery and number of other styles.

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Heat Transfer Equipment

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